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A lot has been learned

It’s finally time for another reflection. This second partial felt more interesting overall. We may not have had to read as much, but the guest speakers were all really cool! We even got to watch a very fun and totally accurate movie.

Joel Spolsky’s posts included some very relatable statements. The one about rewriting code was specially remarkable for me, since for the longest time I had been wanting to rewrite most of the scripts I made for one of the games I was working on. This reading made me realize that maybe other alternatives, such as a complete refactorization of the whole thing, would be much more convenient. This also reminded me that I still need to work on my architectural design skills.

As expected, I paid special attention to Héctor’s and Daniel’s talks on the video game industry.

Daniel’s made me realize how differently more experienced and bigger studios operate. The company I’ve been working for is still relatively new to video game development, so the whole process has yet to be polished. I could definitely understand how Daniel’s points would apply there.

I recently submitted a job application for a video game studio that has made some games I really really like, so when Héctor mentioned that he has had to go through resumes and be part of the hiring process, I had to ask for advice on what the most attractive and important things to include in one’s resume are. His response led me into buying a domain and starting working on my portfolio.

Maggie’s career and stories were really interesting. I had already heard about her when I was part of this year’s Patrones Hermosos. She was also a guest speaker there and even though I couldn’t be present, I heard really good comments about her, so I was looking forward to our session with her.

It was also pretty impressive how many . . . peculiar friends she has and all of the things they’ve done. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little intimidated by all of that.

This was the second time I got to listen to Ricardo and his advice on personal finance. To be honest, I’ve never been too concerned about investing my money, but I figured since I now own a credit card it could be a good idea to listen more carefully this time.

At the very beginning I couldn’t keep up with a lot of the things Ricardo and some of my classmates were saying since I’m not very familiar with finance terms. Thankfully, my friend Carlos does, so I asked him to explain some things as Ricardo talked about them.

By the end of the session, I did feel like I had a better understanding of my situation and now I’m exploring several investment options. I’m very grateful for getting this little push I needed, I’m sure it will be greatly rewarding in some years.

It’s been really fun lately, so I’m looking forward to the next sessions!


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