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The calm AFTER the storm

My last reflection for this semester. Not much time has passed since the last one, but I’ve been working on several of my final projects and, even though these were a couple of rough weeks, it’s mostly over now.

During this time we only had two guest speaker sessions and, in all honesty, their talks were not as interesting as previous ones. Don’t get me wrong, I know that testing and metrics are very relevant for us as developers, but I wasn’t as invested this time. The fact that final projects have been consuming a lot of my time and energy didn’t help much either.

Regarding the course as a whole, I enjoyed it very much! The opportunity to talk to experts on such different areas is not something you get anywhere. We had some great sessions and discussions.

As I’ve stated many many times, I was a lot more interested in talks related to the video game industry. All of those were useful to me, either because I got a peek at how bigger companies work or because I could get some advice that I could put into practice right away. Other talks were also very helpful: Ricardo’s got me thinking that I should really start investing soon, especially since I’m close to graduation and jobs are never guaranteed. I think that was one of the biggest lessons I learned during this course.

The activities and readings preceding each of the guest speaker sessions were very good complements. I see a lot of potential there for future semesters, especially with activities (as long as they aren’t as time-consuming as other courses’ assignments). 

The readings were always interesting and the fact that we could read others’ annotations as well made it worth it to reread all of them. Annotations also contain very good points, comments and questions, and often make you realize things that you wouldn’t on your own. This makes it even more fun to reply or start healthy discussions.

Regarding the very last reading (The Secret Life of Bugs), I couldn’t read it on time because of all my final projects, but I did read it recently and left some annotations. It brings up a very interesting topic: the lifecycle of a (software) bug. I was surprised to see how inconsistent and incomplete electronic bug histories were in a company as big as Microsoft.

Regarding the devops activities: I’m very sorry for this, but other than the very first reading, I just didn’t have either the energy or the time to work on any of them. I would like to mention that, just as the reading says, I’m often confused as to what DevOps exactly is. Thankfully, during this course we’ve touched on that particular topic here and there, so I definitely have a more concrete understanding now.

My meetings with Ken were also very very fun. 15 minutes went by super fast every time, I enjoyed all of them and I’m for sure booking some meetings next semester, so look forward to that 🙂

I am glad I decided to take another course with Ken, and I would definitely do it again if I had the chance to.


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