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  • Un final inevitable

    5 December, 2019 by

    Esta probablemente será la última publicación que haré en el blog, así que intentaré que por lo menos sea un poco más memorable que el resto. Antes de comenzar con la reflexión como tal, quiero hacer saber que estoy intentando lo de escribir con Comic Sans para ver si efectivamente redactar resulta más fácil. Tener… Read more

  • Second partial exam [WIP]

    10 May, 2020 by

    Right now, I’ve only done one of the reviews from this period. I will try to catch up in the next few weeks. I have some ideas that can help me get through them all quickly. I will update this entry once I’ve read every chapter considered for the second partial.

  • First partial “exam”

    10 May, 2020 by

    The first partial covers the first eleven chapters of the book Deadline. I’ll summarize all of the things that I’ve learned from Mr. Tompkins during my reading. As I wrote every single review I tried to find websites that complemented the given information, either by stating different points of view on whatever subject was being… Read more

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