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  • Un final inevitable

    5 December, 2019 by

    Esta probablemente será la última publicación que haré en el blog, así que intentaré que por lo menos sea un poco más memorable que el resto. Antes de comenzar con la reflexión como tal, quiero hacer saber que estoy intentando lo de escribir con Comic Sans para ver si efectivamente redactar resulta más fácil. Tener… Read more

  • A lot has been learned

    8 May, 2021 by

    It’s finally time for another reflection. This second partial felt more interesting overall. We may not have had to read as much, but the guest speakers were all really cool! We even got to watch a very fun and totally accurate movie. Joel Spolsky’s posts included some very relatable statements. The one about rewriting code… Read more

  • So this thing’s back…

    22 March, 2021 by

    It’s been a long time since I last wrote one of these entries, and this time it feels different, somehow. In previous courses I was constantly writing a new blog post once or twice a week, I had to find my own resources based on a few cues, and sessions with guest speakers felt a… Read more

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