It’s OOkay to fail these

If you are involved in the computing/software areas, you’ve definitely heard about the binary system. You probably also know that there are infinite ways of representing every number by changing the base of the representation. Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal are some of the most common representations for numbers nowadays, each has their own advantages […]

Veridation & Valification

There are some words that many people get confused. Something effective successfully achieves its intention and something efficient does it with maximum productivity. If you affect something, then you’ve had an effect on it. Some people don’t know the differences between these pairs of words and don’t want to, their brains must have a problem […]

Class ⇒ Code (Charlie Lima Alpha Sierra Sierra)

Are you fond of painting? There are multiple types of painting styles and techniques, each with their own characteristics. The same picture can be represented in multiple styles, and although the final product will be “the same”, the techniques inherent to each of those styles will make each of the versions distinct from each other. […]

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