You could definitely use some cases . . .

Do you remember the burgers I was talking about last time? I feel like I need to bring them up once again for this particular topic. Even if there are multiple recipes for the same kind of food, there will always be key elements that could mean the difference between what’s good and what’s not, […]

A Recipe for Success: Unified Processes

Have you ever had burgers? You know how every restaurant, chef or cook has their own recipe for the same thing? Regarding burgers, some include cheese, some add pickles, some have vegetables; even if two different recipes have the same ingredients, the amount which is used or the way they’re prepared may differ from each […]

Analize, code, test for a bit, finish, update, rinse and repeat

Have you ever been in a science fair? Whether you participated in one or only went as a spectator, the scientific method must have been something you heard a lot of. Said method is widely used by scientists around the world because, even if you didn’t realize back when you first learned about it, it […]

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